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FAQ of 4399en

>> Account

1)Q: I don’t have 4399en account,can I use other account to login?

A: Two ways to login: 1. Playnow, forsafety, we suggest you to bind your account. 2. FB account.

2)Q:How to create/register a newaccount?

A: Click Login button > Register >Input your email address > Input your password > Register successfully.

3)Q: I forgot the password, how to get it back?

A: Two ways to get it back: 1. FB > Useyour FB password. 2. 4399en account > Forget your password > Enter your registered email.

4)Q: I forget the username. Howto get it back?

A: Please contact service@4399en.comand provide us the server and role name of a character under this account.

5)Q: I forget the register email.How to get it back?

A:Please contact us at Service center or service@4399en.comand provide us the user name and server and role name of a character under thisaccount.

6)Q: How can I can bind myaccount to an email?

A: When you enter the game, there will be amessage which reminds you of binding email. Then follow the steps.

7)Q: Can I change my registeremail?

A: Dear player, generally register email isnot allowed to change. If the email you filled in is not valid, you can contactus at the Service center. We will deal with it within 3 working days.

8)Q: When I sign in with a bindedaccount, my roles has been lost, what can I do?

A:Please check if you are in the rightserver, login again.

9)Q: It says This email hasalready existed when I register.

A: Please login with your email or changeanother email to register.

10)Q:Can I share my account with others or sell it out?

A:Please kindly note that it is not allowedto share or trade account with other players. If you get into disputes because of sharing or trading accounts, we are not responsible to deal with it.

11)Q: I want to use another phone to play the game, what can I do?

A: 1. Binded account > Login with your account. 2. Account without binding > Please cantact us via Service center and provide us your role name, server and the email that you want to bind with.

>> Recharge

12)Q: I've paid for some Gems but I don't see them, what's happening?

A: First, please DO NOT repeat thetransaction. This problem is likely due to network error. Try to exit andreload the game first to see if your Gems appear.

13)Q: I recharge for the wrong role/ account.

A:Please kindly note that the recharge cannot be withdrawn if you recharge for the wrong role or account. Please confirm your account info firstly before recharging.

14)Q: I purchased but did not get the game points.

A: 1. Wait for several minutes, because ofthe delay of net, it will appear in a few minutes. 2. If it last for a long time, please contact us and provide us your rechargevia Service Center.

>> Strategy

15)Q: Where can I check the strategy?

A: 1. Check them in their game websites. 2.Discuss the strategy with other players on the FB.

16)Q: I want to share my strategy with all the players, how can I do?

A: You can upload your strategy in the Service center and then you might get a big gift from us.

>> Activity

17)Q: Will there be any activities in 4399en?

A: Please follow us on the 4399en, we will update the news once we have activities.

>> Suggestion

18)Q: I have problems about the Service responses, what can I do?

A: You can upload your suggestions or questions in the Service center. We will check it and help you to solve it.