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ThumbEmpires - Open Beta is ready!

As the publisher of Thumb Empire, we are pround to annouce that our CBT attracts a lot of South East Asians. We are confident that Empire war, Turf war, Bestattacker, Best defender and other gaming features give gamers differentexperience. However, CBT is not our destiny. Our Open Beta Test is onJune 19th 11:00 (UTC+8:00). Open Beta Test will be more fascinated than CBT because we not only remain those interesting features but also collect gamers suggestion to adjust the game. We also design a full list of activities to benefit gamers in getting their resources.

Again, the following is our main gamingfeatures.

Recover your alive units

whenever you achieve 3 stars in yourbattle, you can retrieve all your alive units back to save resource and time.

A Gem Factory is not a lie!

You can build a Gem factory to produce gemas long as you reached Level.5. With using this factory, you can produce andcollect the gems daily.

Colonization system

You can enslave others and loot theirresources. By defeating other players in the games, you can make them into yourslaves and collect their resources in your colonization.


Best Defenses:Against the Bandits

The more bandits you defeat, the higherranking you will get in the Best Defenses, and thus the more rewards you willgain!

Best Attacker

You may choose to conquer the variousdungeons found in Thumb Empires. The more dungeons successfully passed, thehigher the rank on the Best Attacker chart.

Interactive System

Interactive System is prosperous, where youcan not only build up friendship but also defensive towers between each other.Free gems can be gained through gifts from friends.

Published by 4399EN, Thumb Empires takes a slight twist to the traditional strategy game, and players might be surprisedat some of the new elements. Players can begin to download the game right now.

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